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Benefits of working with us

  • We help you to draft a unique CV using CANVA or other templates.
  • We proofread your CV and Cover Letter to ensure there are no typo’s or missing information
  • We help you to create an appealing LinkedIn profile
  • We support you in finding jobs that match your ambitions and conditions
  • We share with you practical tips and tricks to ace your interviews
  • We act as your trusted advisor for any questions you might have related to your career

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What our candidates say

Placide strikes me as highly engaging, and honest. I have never encountered such a professional and committed individual. He is quite competent at his job, and it is a joy to suggest him as a skilled recruiter.Shrijan T.

Placide was very kind and helpful from the beginning. He keep an eye during the whole process and for the final interview he gave me valuable advice. And I have to say my new job is great! – Cesar M.

As a recruiter Placide has very good listening skills. He really takes the time to get to know you as a person, to me it felt like I was more than a number on his list. Thanks to him I was always confident and well prepared for each job interview. Even more he does everything within his power to promote the strengths of your profile to your potential new employer. – Glenn L.

Dag Placide, via deze weg wil ik je nog bedanken voor onze gesprekken. Het vertrouwen dat je geeft, je authenticiteit in luisteren en ondersteunen. Mijn ervaring met jou wou ik nog graag delen en je hiervoor bedanken. – Karolien G.

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