Your Search Partner


Driven by our passion for people and business performance, we specialize in helping our clients find, assess and hire the most qualified candidates for their organisations.

Interim management

When our clients are looking for urgent temporary specialized support, we offer consulting solutions by helping them find and hire experienced freelance experts who are immediately available and rapidly operational.


  1. First, we gain an understanding of your company’s vision, values, culture, activities and growth ambitions.
  2. During the intake, we aim to identify your recruitment needs and hiring criteria
  3. We design tailored job descriptions
  4. We source candidates via our own database, our extensive network of high-performing professionals, search tools and social media
  5. We establish a long-list of qualified candidates
  6. We conduct face-to-face interviews with interested candidates
  7. We introduce to you the short-listed candidates
  8. We facilitate the interview appointment between you and the candidates
  9. We facilitate the final negotiations between you and the candidate
  10. After on-boarding, we follow up with you and the candidate


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