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Happy 2023

Our VANDOS CONSULTING team wishes you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023

What’s Next in Your Career?

Ann Hiatt, author of ‘Bet On Yourself’, notes that “reminding ourselves of what we value most in our lives and careers can illuminate empowering opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed. We can actually engineer our own luck simply by knowing what we’re looking for and seeking it out. This doesn’t need to take much time,…

5 time-management skills

Steve Glaveski, author of Time Rich: Do Your Best Work, Live Your Best Life, offers five time-management skills on how to get more done in less time. Read more: Productivity Skills to Help You Gain Time Back (HBR)

How to Attract Top Talent

Companies looking to overcome the talent crunch should, for some roles, consider widening their funnel of candidates by seeking people who possess the capabilities most predictive of success in the role. New hires can learn the rest on the job through training (both formal and informal). “Objectively testing for capabilities and skills rather than relying…

Stay focused on your long-term career goals

According to Teresa Amabile, professor at Havard Business School, “one of the most powerful indicators of employees’ mood and satisfaction is the feeling that they’re making progress toward a meaningful goal. No one enjoys feeling like they’re stalled or ‘moving backwards’ professionally.” “A year into the Covid-19 pandemic, many professionals have found themselves turning down…

Knelpuntberoepen 2021 (in Dutch)

De meeste knelpuntberoepen vinden we terug in de zorg, bouw, de technologische sector en IT. Voor vele werkgevers blijft de zoektocht naar technisch personeel een grote uitdaging. De grote kloof tussen de verwachtingen van werkgevers en kandidaten zorgt voor een aantal nieuwe knelpuntberoepen in 2021. Artikel: Knelpuntberoeken in Vlaanderen 2021 (VDAB)

The most popular (free) online learning platforms

In previous years, courses at prestigious universities such as Harvard, MIT and Sorbonne were only limited to the few students who received admissions to those institutes. Today, thousands of courses at world-renowned universities and companies are now available to students all over the world. Recently, we’ve seen the rise of online learning platforms such as…

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