2023 CEO Priorities for Talent

Recently, McKinsey conducted its latest CEO Excellence Survey, to take the pulse of leading CEOs’ evolving priorities and the actions they’re taking in response.

The surveyed CEOs indicated that they feel the time has come to refocus on employee performance, after several years of focusing more on helping employees weather the pandemic and other challenges. As Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has told his company’s employees, workers should prepare to have their “performances graded more intensely.” While this will be uncomfortable for some, the best CEOs believe that talented employees are by and large welcoming of such a stance.

Top CEOs are also expecting their employees to spend more time in the office or with customers in 2023. They believe that doing so is ultimately good for both employees and customers as it benefits mentorship, community, innovation and purpose in the workplace.

Article: CEO Excellence Survey – McKinsey, March 2023

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